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Twisted Tennis: Not As Twisted as It Sounds

We got to sit down and try out Twisted Tennis for an entire afternoon and discovered a considerably decent tennis game browser game with enough side content to keep it interesting beyond the usual "vanilla" style games you would get. Still, the moniker "twisted" is used loosely as the use of power shots is hardly anything that unique or special to make the game odd or different as the title implies. That said, it is not a bad thing at all. Despite the title, we can expect this game to have enough novelty appeal to casual players and still be modest enough to sate the appetites of the more purist tennis fans.

Tennis is a pretty intense sport -on the physical court at the very least. On a digital arena, your physical prowess requirements become limited to hand eye coordination and an understanding of the game's controls and additional mechanics. With Twisted Tennis, the controls are a simple set of four directional keys and three more for serving and swinging. It is a simple enough game with decent graphics and satisfactory gameplay that manages to be a good tennis game for anyone craving it. While it certainly fails to provide the same intensity as its real life counterpart, Twisted Tennis' digital browser based version of the sport is fun enough to keep one entertained for a short while.

The game provides players with options for single or two player modes and also has a tournament mode for those who consider themselves with particularly good playing skills. There are a total of eight characters to choose from (though they are not that much different or distinctly unique from each other -which makes one wonder why the developers even bothered), but at least you can provide a custom name. Anyway, the game's controls are provided to you via on-screen text and you are off to your game.

First timers are encouraged to play on easy mode for the first few games -the AI is well developed and will perform quite well even on the lowest difficulty. So expect to see the computer pull off power shots in as early as your first match. The game is basically the same as tennis, with the exception that balls will hit objects outside the court. The animations of the objects hitting random objects are amusing -but it also serves a purpose, it builds up a power bar. Once the bar is full, you can pull off a really powerful shot that will send the ball rocketing across the net. This shot is fast, powerful, and hard to return. Expect nothing short of the highest level difficulty AI to be able to return it -and even then, expect this to be a rare occurrence. That said, be wary of your opponent's power shots as well -they will not hesitate to use it whenever it is available.

The graphics are a little too simple for our tastes. While the animations are decent, they are

Still several frames short of being satisfyingly smooth, and the level of detail is far too low to justify the lack of graphical cohesiveness. The use of thick lines and loud colors gives Twisted Tennis an unpolished look; hopefully the developers decide to refine their choice of textures for the next game.

Overall, A Game's Twisted Tennis is an enjoyable game to play on a break, but hardly anything that will completely sate your need for a solid game of tennis. Instead, it serves as good distraction and a fun way to fiddle around with your skills until you can sink your teeth into something meatier.