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Wimbledon 2004

Tennis Films: Wimbledon 2004

Peter Colt played by Paul Bettany is ranked one hundred and nineteen in the world and is losing his interest in playing tennis. Wimbledon may be his swan song until he meets an up and coming female American player Lizzie Bradbury played by Kirsten Dunst who encourages him not to give up. Lizzie is also Peter’s love interest much to her father’s annoyance. He has high hopes for his daughter and does not want her to become involved with the aging player.

Will Colt win the coveted Wimbledon title? Will their romance blossom? These and any other questions regarding the plot will be discovered when you view the movie. Directed by Richard Loncraine  this tennis movie did not win any major awards but is an interesting view none the less. The two leading roles were originally offered to Hugh Grant and Reese Witherspoon but whether a change of cast would have changed the end result we can only surmise. Other cast members worth a mention include

  1. Sam Neill
  2. Bernard Hill
  3. Jon Favreau
  4. Eleanor Bron
  5. Robert Lindsay
  6. James McEvoy

John McEnroe also appeared in the movie as himself.

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Match Point 2005

Tennis Films: Match Point 2005

This movie is more about love and relationships than tennis. Chris Wilton played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers of The Tudors fame is a former pro tennis player who plans to become a tennis coach. His love interest is Nola Rice played by Scarlett Johansson and is the fiancée of his friend Tom played by Matthew Goode. This is an illicit affair as Chris already has a girlfriend. How will this love triangle end?

Match Point was directed by Woody Allen who was nominated for Best Screenplay Oscar for the film, while most of the filming for the movie was done in the UK. Scarlett Johansson was also second choice for the role which was offered originally to Kate Winslet who later pulled out due to family circumstances. The film may not have won Woody Allen many awards but it was a big box office success bringing in more money than any of his movies since the successful Hannah and her Sisters.

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Tennis Trivia

  • The shortest Wimbledon tennis match is thought to be the 1969 match between Susan Tutt and Marion Bandy which lasted 20 minutes. The score was 6-0 6-0 to Susan Tutt
  • Tennis racket strings used to be made from cow or sheep guts
  • The first Grand Slam to go open was the French
  • The longest match recorded was between Nicholas Mahut and John Isner in 2010 at Wimbledon. Total Match time was over eleven hours
  • Wimbledon began as a men’s only singles championship
  • Yellow balls were used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1986
  • Tennis Films: Venus Williams
  • Venus Williams is the fastest women’s server at 205 km per hour wow!
  • The first player to wear shorts at Wimbledon was Henry Austin
  • Margaret Smith Court holds the title for most Grand Slam Singles Titles at 24
  • Tennis Films: Venus and Serena Williams
  • Venus and Serena Williams were the first sisters to win Gold Medals at Olympic Tennis
  • The World’s oldest tennis court that is still used today is The Royal Tennis Court at Hampton Court Palace
  • The record for the most aces served in one year is held by Goran Ivanisevic, 1477 in 1996
  • Virginia Wade’s US opponent in the 1977 opening match was previously a man
  • King George VI played in a men’s doubles match at Wimbledon in 1926
  • There are four Grand Slam Tournaments
  • Rod Laver was the first player to win all four Grand Slam titles in one year and he did it twice 1962 and 1968
  • Bjorn Borg won the French Open four times in a row and six times in all
  • Used tennis balls from Wimbledon are recycled and used as homes for the endangered Eurasion Harvest Mouse
  • Tennis is played on grass clay or hard court

The longest tie break recorded happened in June 2013. It had 70 points when Benjamin Ballerat from Monaco beat Guillaume Couillard also Monaco in a Futures event in Florida

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