Stick Tennis Slam England Game

Stick Tennis Slam England Game

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About the Game

We are awfully impressed by what Stick Tennis Slam England has to offer, not just compared to the original game Stick Tennis but also as a free tennis web game. Most web games offer a very clumsy approach to a tennis simulation, all be it there is only so much you can do with a flash game it doesn't account for their controls end feeling a little out of sync and the tennis physics and shot variety being well below par.

Not the case with Stick Tennis England Grand Slam. The basic movement of your player around the court with the directional controls feels loose and easy while shot variety and strategy is mimicked after the real game itself. For example it matters if you rush the net as you can actually volley over leaving your opponent either to have to play an excellent passing shot or lob or he looses the point. That's just one example of the great strategic element to his fun and addictive tennis game.

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Service with a Smile

Serving in the game matters and striking the ball at it's highest point will lead to a hard flat serve which is hard for your opponent to return. Leaving the ball to drop too late after the toss will produce a floppy serve that your opponent will most likely punish you for. Sound familar? Well the developers at Stick Sports have made sure they stick the basic tennis fundamentals into the game which again for a light and free tennis game is impressive.

Stats for Those Statisticians

You can see how much time has gone into developing this game by the way the stats work. They really break down your state of play right down to interesting factors such as your fastest serve and how many unforced errors you produced. Stats like these only go to show how much programming has gone into producing a game of real tennis for your desktop enjoyment.

Player Variety

There's plenty of famous names to just from including the top three players right now in the world Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray. We are not sure how much difference playing with either of these players makes to the game. We would be surprised if Stick Sports would have gone as fas as to build individual player styles, strengths and weaknesses into the game, perhaps something your more likely to find in a console tennis game than a free web and mobile game.

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