Sports Heads Tennis Open Game

Sports Heads Tennis Open game

About the Game

Sports Head Tennis Open is a lot less like tennis and more like an artillery version of pong. You bounce a ball off your racquet and sent it soaring through the stage –hopefully hitting a few beneficial power-ups along the way and maybe, just maybe, managing to evade your opponent’s return swing. It is frantic, fast, paced and will keep you on your toes. Despite the game’s rough visuals and crude delivery, the overall game mechanics are both simple and competitive; which makes this one of the most engaging ways you will ever waste your time on a browser game.

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The Sports Heads games have always been about breaking a down a sport’s bare concepts and delivering into a quirky and fun flash game that brings all the most important (and iconic) game mechanics, while adding in some ridiculously style power-ups and tweaks to the game itself. Sports Heads Tennis Open gives the same treatment to the hardcore racquet-and-ball sport by pumping it with a full dose of energized abilities, a limited rebounding stage, and of course, the strangely limbless denizens of the Sports Head universe. This is tennis on the most absurd combination of hallucinogens and narcotics, without the unhealthy side effects (physiologically and legally that is).

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The idea of the game is that aside from skillfully moving your character around and hitting a ball with just the right power and angle, the way to win is to use every single element in play to your advantage. This includes the closed area arena which will bounce the ball back if hit, the dozens or randomly appearing power up abilities that will either be helpful to you or to your opponent, and of course, the bizarre limbless character themselves. If you ever wanted to play a game of non-tennis, then this must be the game for you.

Those looking for an authentic tennis gaming feel will still want to give this game a try –but do not expect a game that mimics the feeling of playing on the grand lawns of Wimbledon. The closes thing this has to the actual sport is the fact that you will be bouncing a ball back and forth over a net –everything else will be a completely new (and very random) experience.

The learning curve for this game is horrendous. The physics are all but unpredictable and more often than not, your opponent will be willing without having to move at all –at least, during your first few dozen games (give and take a few matches, depending on your patience to learn). Once you get the hang of things (or something akin to that) there is still a sense of clumsiness and lack of responsiveness in the controls. Even on a good computer, the input-reaction delay is a little too palpable keep the game running as smooth as it needs to be.

The graphics on Sports Head Tennis Open have been streamlined and polished, but you can still expect the crudely designed characters and details to fill up the screen. At least the backgrounds look much nicer than before. The new tournament mode also provides another level of in-game challenges (as if the actual game itself wasn’t enough); this is a good way for the well versed players to get good replay value.

Overall, Sports Head Tennis Open banks on its extensive use of trims and fittings to keep itself unique and different from all the other tennis games out there. This works in the sense that non-tennis fans will still find it accessible and playable as other tennis themed games such as Tennis in the Face or the more light version Clowns in the Face. But for the more hardcore tennis purists, this is a game that serves to be more of a sideshow than a digital fix for the real thing.

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